“Experience the Pine Valley Farms promise to deliver an exceptional eating experience, without compromise, every time you serve it to your family and friends.”

SINCE 1993


Pine Valley Farms Premium Beef has unsurpassed flavor and tenderness. Our wholesomeness starts with cattle raised on Canada’s rich grasslands, clean water, fresh air, cooler climates that are ideal for breeding cattle with the very best genetics. Canada has a rich, over 300-year history in world class animal agriculture with over 60,000 dedicated family farms and is a world leader in beef and feed grain production including barley, wheat, and corn.

Pine Valley Farms cattle are raised on grass and feed finished using a 100% vegetarian diet free of animal by-products so you can be assured that our beef is of the highest natural quality, tender and succulent.

We are dedicated with providing you the most consistent, high quality beef products.  At Pine Valley Farms we start by selecting youthful, Black Angus cattle only, less than 30 months of age for a more tender and flavorful eating experience.  All Pine Valley Farms cattle are certified and graded upper 2/3rds AAA using Canada’s world-renowned grading system, administered independently, by The Canadian Beef Grading Agency.

When you decide to buy Pine Valley Farms Premium Beef you join into a relationship that provides a brand that has the integrity to stand behind our promise. In a world of unknowns, we consistently deliver so you can rely on Pine Valley Farms Premium Beef being exceptional every time you serve it to your family and friends.